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As an executive coach and psychologist, I work with clients in a one-on-one development process to help them achieve goals related to professional development and business performance. My clients include men and women in middle and upper level executive positions in Fortune 500 companies. My own leadership experience in several major corporations has provided me with valuable insights to help the women and men in today's organizations grow in wisdom and leadership.

Leadership Development

To help a client be successful, it is necessary to consider both the client's business challenges and his or her own unique pattern of strengths and developmental needs. Together we forge a Leadership Development Plan which enables the client to develop his or her leadership while achieving business objectives. Sometimes my role is described as that of a catalyst in a client's leadership development.

Organizations have increasingly been using executive leadership coaching as a tool to accelerate learning and to help executives meet the ever-increasing requirements of today's fiercely competitive marketplace. Many of my clients are "hi-po's", that is individuals who are viewed as having "high-potential" to assume greater leadership roles in their organizations in the future.

Executive Coaching

In almost all situations, a coaching process will contain several steps:

  • During the initial contracting, a general understanding is reached with the client, the Boss, and the HR professional about what is to be accomplished by the coaching.
  • This is usually followed by a period of data-gathering to determine the overall pattern of strengths and challenge areas to help the client set goals for improvements.
  • Interviews, online surveys, and multiple perspectives create a richer picture for the client about what needs improvement.
  • Using this information, the coaching process moves into more of an implementation and action planning phase in which I encourage the client to explore new behaviors, ideas, and feelings to add to his or her repertoire of adaptable responses to new situations.
  • Finally, when the coaching program is wrapped up, we evaluate the overall outcome for both the client and the organization. A typical coaching engagement may take 6 to 8 months and consist of several coaching sessions per month.

My book, co-authored with Robert J. Lee, Executive Coaching: A Guide for the HR Professional, was written to help clients, their bosses, and HR professionals understand what coaching is all about and how to become more savvy consumers of coaching services.

My second book, Developing Women Leaders: A Guide for Men and Women in Organizations, published in 2009 by Wiley/Blackwell, was written as a practical guide to help men and women improve their work relationships, partner to create the next generation of leaders, and improve the performance of their organizations.

Through my practice in executive coaching, my book, my speaking engagements, and this web site, I welcome the opportunity to help you and others in your organization develop your leadership abilities as fully as possible. I'm ready to meet the complex business challenges of this 21st century with you.

Anna Marie Valerio, Ph.D.
Executive Leadership Strategies, LLC
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